Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An overview

Games, Fun, and Learning.. What did I expect when I signed up? To be honest, I expected to do a lot of programming. I knew there would be more to it than just that, but I never really thought about it beyond that. For the first month, we didn’t even touch the computers--we didn’t even order any workstations until about the 5th week of class. We designed table-top games--board, card, and everything else. Let me tell you, playing games is easy (most of the time) but making games is far from easy. Beyond that, making a game with a specific goal--to teach kids something about museums--moves it even farther from being easy. Using a rapid prototyping design model, over the first two we made nearly 30 different games. Because of this model, and knowing not to dwell on aspects of our games that didn’t matter, we were quickly able to churn out prototypes and know which ones had potential, and which ones needed to be scrapped. Out of these games, we had 5 or so contenders for our final idea. So another two weeks went by where we still didn’t touch a computer, and we fine tuned our contending games. At the end of this, we had two strong candidates and were finally able to pick one to move on with. So nearly a month into this course of making a computer game, we finally were able to sit in front a computer and start actualizing our goals on the screen. Since then we’ve all been doing a lot more of what we signed up for. We’re not done yet, but the end is in sight it’s looking good.

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