Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ideas and Logos

Recently, Root Beer Float Studios, as we've named ourselves, decided that we needed an appropriate logo. Our artists took on the task of coming up with a few potential candidates that the team would vote on.

I had an idea for a very simple logo, one of a frosty mug, overflowing with ice cream and foamy root beer. In my mind, I had envisioned something specific, but when I went to explain my idea, I had a hard time verbalizing it to our artists.

My idea was to utilize few colors, which I couldn't figure out the proper name for (I've since learned that it's called monochromatic). Our artists took the idea and whipped up a cool logo.

It was interesting to me that I explained a half-realized and poorly described idea, and our artists were able to translate that into something actionable. What they were able to produce was almost exactly what I had envisioned. Exciting stuff!

Our artists also created a potential logo with a grim dinosaur holding a frosty root beer float.

Here are the logos:

The logo as it would appear on various colors of shirts
The dinosaur looks much happier in real life


  1. Is the logo the glass containing the root beer float, or the entire square image? How would this translate to a favicon?

  2. Yes, the glass logo is just the mug and text. The colors are examples of what it would look like on different colors of shirts.